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We manufacture high value solutions for the fabrication and assembly of sheet metal products.


A general overview of BTM Company, LLC.

BTM Company, LLC. has over 47 years of experience designing and building machines for the fabrication & assembly of a broad range of products- both sheet metal, and plastic. BTM’s world headquarters is located in Marysville Michigan, USA, and currently comprises four buildings totaling 144,000 square feet.

Since the beginning, we have taken an innovative approach to improving our products and processes. As a result, we have grown to become a leading global supplier of clinching tools & equipment, piercing machines, and other unique automation components- including air presses, clamps, grippers, pin clamps, locators, end-of-arm tooling, and purpose built machines- including fully automated assembly systems.

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Office hours are from 8:00am - 4:30pm Eastern Time (Same as New York) Monday – Friday.

Founded in 1966 by Mr. Milus Allison & Mr. Edwin Sawdon, BTM stands for "Bending Tools & Manufacturing". The company’s name originates from its early years when it created highly specialized stretch bending machines used in the production of structural components and decorative sheet metal trim parts in the automotive & appliance industries.


An example of a BTM thin profile Air Powered Toggle Press Unit
A BTM Thin Profile Air Powered Toggle Press

Stretch bending machines use a unique mechanism to bring the sheet metal material to its elastic limit as it is being bent, thus eliminating spring back, and resulting in an accurately formed part. These stretch bent parts typically require secondary operations such as forming and the piercing of attachment holes on close centers, which required large and expensive special-built tooling units. Mr. Sawdon recognized the opportunity for an inexpensive, yet reliable press unit by combining a rotary-vane air cylinder with a toggle linkage in a self-contained and enclosed mechanism. The Air Powered Toggle Press became BTM’s first patented product. This efficient and thin press design delivers high forces from typical shop compressed air and has also found uses in the production of many other products, establishing it as an effective and cost-saving press unit which can be purchased from a catalog.

A Tog-L-Loc® joint cross section
Tog-L-Loc® Joint Cross Section

The next important development for BTM was the patented TOG-L-LOC® sheet metal joining system.中体时时彩平台开戶平台官方

Not long after the Air Powered Toggle Press was introduced, it found use as a press to drive special and complex clinching tools. Mr. Sawdon again recognized the opportunity for a simpler and smaller clinch tool design which provides better access to parts, is easier to mount, and is less expensive. This new standardized clinching tool was named Tog-L-Loc® due to its original use with the Air Powered Toggle Press.

The Tog-L-Loc® clinching process uses inexpensive punch and die tooling to create round leak-proof joints in a single press stroke. There are numerous advantages to Tog-L-Loc® clinching. For example, there are no rivets or screws to buy, no holes to pierce or drill, and no weld tips to clean. The process is environmentally friendly; there are no noxious fumes or sparks created- even when joining galvanized metal. There are no transformers, cooling lines, or expensive controls to buy. The process is very low maintenance, and generates no heat to distort parts. Tog-L-Loc® is able to join dissimilar and coated metals, including pre-painted metals. Tog-L-Loc® joints feature high repeatability, and are non-destructively checked. Long tool life and significantly lower cost per joint help to make Tog-L-Loc® clinching the least expensive means of fastening sheet metal with any reasonable amount of strength. Numerous private concerns have subjected Tog-L-Loc® to rigorous testing programs with impressive results, particularly in the areas of vibration resistance, and joint consistency.

In addition to the popular Tog-L-Loc® clinching system, BTM also offers Lance-N-Loc clinching. Lance-N-Loc is a sheet metal clinching system which is particularly useful when joining harder metals, or multiple layers. Lance-N-Loc creates a strong mechanical joint by lancing the 2 long sides of the joint and gradually drawing the ends. The material on each side of the joint is compressed and interlocked, while the gradually sloping ends allow harder materials to be joined, making higher strength joints. The process takes place in a single press stroke.

In the spirit of innovation, BTM has now expanded our cost-saving line of clinching tools to include V-Loc® and Oval-Loc. V-Loc® offers advantages when joining harder aluminum alloys, which has made it useful in automotive light-weighting. The non-rotating Oval-Loc clinch joints are ideal when there is a requirement to geo-set parts.

To efficiently and inexpensively apply these clinching tools, BTM has developed a broad line of production equipment for a variety of customer part designs and various production volume requirements.

BTM has also developed a proven line of automation components for clamping, gripping, and locating. These products are used primarily in the demanding automotive welding environment and robotic end of arm tooling. BTM is always looking for opportunities to help its customers innovate their way to cost reductions through lean manufacturing.

BTM continues to expand its expertise in the designing and building of machines for piercing welded assemblies, complex stampings and cast parts. Tubular and box section automotive frames & roll formed or hydro-formed structural components can be pierced after they are welded or formed (post pierced) to insure all GD&T dimensional relationships are achieved.

A BTM Building Sign 中体时时彩平台开戶登录二维码

Today, BTM Company, LLC. has grown into a full service tooling and industrial product company with modern manufacturing facilities, experienced project management, and contract machining services at its headquarters in Marysville. A number of new innovations are under development at BTM headquarters, and the tradition of creative problem solving and quality workmanship is held to as the product line and contract services increase in scope.

If you need an engineered solution for the manufacturing of your product or the refinement of your manufacturing process, we welcome you to contact us here at BTM. Phone: 中体时时彩平台开戶平台官方中体时时彩平台开戶登录二维码.

BTM Company, LLC. of Marysville, Michigan is a rapidly growing force in the drive for world class product quality and reduced production costs in manufacturing today.

ISO Quality Certificate 中体时时彩平台开戶注册官方

In 2008, BTM updated its quality policy to the ISO 9001:2015 certification. BTM has held an ISO certification since January 2004. Previous to that, BTM held a QS9000-TE certification, which it originally received in 2001.


To provide the highest quality product obtainable to our customers on time, every time, to continuously improve our products and processes to reduce our product and operational costs, and to continually exceed our customers expectations.


  • Best clinching products, delivered on time, every time.
  • Technically superior, defect free machinery and automation components
  • Manufacturing of customer and BTM products complete to all specifications

We are proud that we can provide our employees and their dependents with a comprehensive health insurance program as well as a dental insurance plan. Other benefits include competetive wages, paid holidays & vacations, 401K, and a clean, safe working environment.

Please contact BTM for information regarding current openings. Click Here to Contact BTM.

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